Joshua Mundinger

Josh Mundinger

Few know that Josh Mundinger was born and raised for three years in Nuernberg, Germany, even though he has been educated entirely in Boulder. Of course, he loves math, especially after attending a five-week summer program known as MathILy, which he highly recommends. Josh has also picked up a habit of drinking tea from Ben (it's understandable, seeing as how tea is extremely tasty) and enjoys reading House of Leaves and playing oboe and piano in his spare time. His math specialties are in abstract algebra and graph theory, and he also co-teaches and tutors in Calculus.


Phone: 303-718-7825

Favorite Beat Poet: Jack Kerouac

Ben Spitz

Ben is a person who attends Boulder High School. He likes math a lot. This much you probably already knew. What you may not know is that Ben is a household-chemistry fiend, tea connoisseur in training, and small-time web designer. He thinks that pain is the root of all feeling, and that video games can be super helpful for success in life. Oh, did you want relevant information? Of the math fields, Ben knows the most about complex analysis and linear algebra. He hopes to soon become proficient in topology.


Phone: 631-897-2121

Favorite Beat Poet: Allen Ginsberg

Benjamin Spitz