We meet once a week (on Tuesday) in Mr. Obika's Room (Room 2280), and have tons of fun discussing math.

So, What Do We Do?

Math. As Pure as it Gets.

Each week, we discuss a few things (maybe several things) from some area of mathematics. It could be Linear Algebra, Differential Geometry, the Distributive Property of Multiplication, something else, who knows? We can assure you, however, that it will be AWESOME.

Adventure Time 'Mathematical!' Gif

Adventure Time Science Dance

Science. Because Application is Cool Too.

We love math more than anything in the whole wide world. And you know what uses a lot of math? Science! We might talk about the use of applied math in stoichiometry, quantum mechanics, brownian motion, or almost anything else! We're excited.

Tea. It's Really Good.

So here's the thing. Tea. Tea is the thing. It's awesome, and we'll sip it at one meeting each month — at least. In addition, we often go to Ku Cha, our favorite local tea house, to rejeuvenate after intense brain-wrenching.

Oolong Tea in a Scoop